Hey, Pink Droyd wants to ask you “Is there anybody out there?” Let us hear you loud and clear as we take you on a journey through the music of Pink Floyd. Of course, this trip wouldn’t be complete without a special stop at …. The Wall.

Oh yeah, did we mention this is a Bogart’s 40th anniversary show? Earlier in the year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Wish You Were Here….now help us wish Bogart’s a Happy Birthday!

***Tickets available Friday!! Don’t miss your chance to get into this show!! ***

Pink Droyd Concert featuring the album Wish You Were Here as well as many other favorite Pink Floyd songs.


  1. Mark Bramer

    I must tell you that I have had the pleasure of seeing Pink Floyd twice in my lifetime. With both Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Pink Droyd performed in Rushville Indiana this past Saturday and your show Kicked Ass. The closest we will probably ever see to the real deal again live. Thanks for bringing it full force for us… We are planing a road trip to Bogarts to witness this great show again. See you Oct. 16th in Cincinnati…

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